"Walk Through a Medieval Herb Garden" in Milwaukee

On March 10, 2007, Mary Moskoff, Ph.D., LCSW will present a talk A Walk Through a Medieval Herb Garden at the Spring Symposium presented by the Herb Society of America - Wisconsin Unit. The lecture will take place at the Woman's Club of Wisconsin, 813 Kilbourn Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

From the press release:

"Travel back to the Middle Ages to explore and experience the importance of herbs in everyday life and their tie to labyrinths. Herbs in those days were not only culinary devices, but healers, comforters, cures, charms and cleansers for soul and body. Similarly, walks through the winding path of the labyrinth, with no tricks or dead ends, brought joy and nourishment to the soul and remedied sorrows. Learn about the purpose and uses of medieval herbs. Participate in a contemplative walk on an ancient path of a Chartres-style labyrinth. Discover where medieval gardens can still be visited today"

For more information or to register visit the website by clicking on "original article."

Medieval Healers: Did They Know Something Special About Herbs?

As a person who loves gardens and who has a garden decor website, I read with great interest about your "A Walk Through a Medieval Herb Garden" lecture. We frequently think that we are so much more "advanced" than people from earlier time periods. From the press release describing your lecture, however, it sounds like the Medieval "healers" versed in the knowledge of herbs could probably teach us a thing or two about healing for the body and for the soul. It's encouraging that there are still people who have an interest in gardens of all kinds :-)