Spring Coronation Issue Escapes Onto Internet

The Quarter: We thought they had been exiled to some place cold and lonely. Actually, they were. But somehow those hooligans at The Quarter managed to get online again, using Trimaris' Spring Coronation as an excuse to wreak their humorous havoc. Responsible, upstanding SCAdians everywhere should be on guard against the incursions of The Quarter into our lives. The best way to understand these insidious menaces is to know their ways firsthand. Go to the site. Read it. Read every page, carefully, from top to bottom. Then you will know how to avoid such frivolity in the future.

In the current issue:

  • Overheard at Gulf War XII
  • The Trimaris Fashion Report
  • Dear Mistress Abigaille
  • The Life Cycle of a Trimaris-Temp Discussion
  • Cartoon: This Renaissance World
  • Guess the Mystery Peer
  • Top 11 Things "SCA" doesn't stand for
  • Advertisement: Got Mead?
  • What Me Think
  • A Renaissance Art Pop Quiz!
  • Local News Update: Squire considers attending fighter practice
  • Cool things about NOT being a Peer
  • Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest