Alexander's photos now on Two Ravens website

Lord Alexander has added a number of photo albums from events in the Kingdom of Ealdormere to his galleries on the Two Ravens website.

Alexander writes:

Greetings to one and all...

Yes, it is I, the long lost and very tardy one.

I believe I have something of interest for you which should have been done long, long ago. Snow days do wonders to help get work caught up.

Now visible on the NEW and improved are my photos from....

  • 2006 Brass Ring Thing
  • 2006 Murder Melee
  • 2006 Ben Dunfirth Archery Photos
  • 2006 Live Chess Demo in Ramshaven
  • 2006 The Coronation of Roak & Jocea
  • 2006 Feast of the Bear
  • 2006 Troubadors
  • 2006 Wassail

As well as additions and re-broadcasts of Funny Photos - NEW "The Marine" and more Projects - Leod's crossbow, Grimroth's arrows and more

And in reflection a small tribute to a friend to many of us.

Please enjoy them, Share them, Please add comments to them. Everyone out there doesn't know everyone else's name.

  1. If you like them, feel free to send Tworavens even a quarter to help keep the site running through pay pal.... what can you get for a quarter these days?
  2. PLEASE ADD A COMMENT. Photos are worth a thousand words... but silent movies still don't say much.

I am finishing up my Kingdom 12th night photos right now..... And last but not least.... Pennsic XXXV photos as seen in The Independent and a few other newsletters.... is just around the corner.... teasers are up now.

I am almost caught up with changing jobs, opening a new studio, car accident appointments, a baby and more... things got pretty nuts for me in the mundane world.....

Didn't some wise person once say...
Good things come to those who wait.
Wait no longer... here is the link. (click on "original article")

Thank you for your patience.


PS: I am sorry for cross posting this to various lists and private email accounts.... I just wanted to get as many people helped as possible.