Compleat Anachronist seeking youth-related articles

Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur, editor, of The Compleat Anachronist is looking for material "geared towards basic skills and projects that are suitable for kids, about 9-13 years."

Tonwen writes:

Greetings to all of the Kingdom Ministers of Arts and Sciences!

I'm considering the idea of publishing an issue of The Compleat Anachronist geared towards basic skills and projects that are suitable for kids, about 9-13 years of age, give or take a bit on either end. I'm seeing this as something that could cover a fairly broad range of topics, such as basic hand sewing, leather working, games, poetry, etc.

I'm looking for a collection of articles, written by people from all over the Known World, to contribute to this issue. Since all of the kingdoms in the SCA have programs and activities geared specifically to our children, I'm going to figure that there is already a great deal of material available that would be useful for the CA. I will be contacting the Ministers of Children in each kingdom to ask for contributions. I would like to ask each of the Arts and Sciences officers to help spread the word that I'm looking for submissions.

I would like each article to emphasize a basic skill we use in the SCA, presented in a format that a younger person could understand and use. Each topic would include a simple project that they could complete mostly on their own. For example, an article on basic hand sewing might present historical evidence of stitching, threads used, etc., followed with instructions on how to sew a basic coif. Likewise, an article on leather work might have instructions and patterns for making a pouch, with illustrations of period examples of the pouch the pattern is intended to recreate.

I know a lot of people who have considered writing for The Compleat Anachronist, but didn't want to commit to writing a 60 page research paper. I'm betting you all know a few folks like that as well. This would be a great chance for those people to contribute to the publication, without having to write an entire issue themselves.

What I'm looking for:

  • Short articles related to food, clothing, shelter, and recreation that would be of interest to and usable by kids.
  • Based in historical research with appropriate documentation.
  • Accompanied by a project related to the topic, that is simple enough for a young person to complete with some or no help from an adult, that is safe, historically based, and made from materials that are easy to obtain and inexpensive.

Some topics that have been suggested are:

  • Hand sewing
  • Leather working
  • Cooking
  • Games
  • Medieval Table manners
  • Heraldry
  • Basic Cross stitch
  • Spinning
  • Poetry

Any help you can offer in sending potential contributions my way would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur Editor, The Compleat Anachronist