Irish Feast & Ithra

On April 7th, the Shire of Rivers Bend and the University of Ithra invite you to Irish Feast & Ithra!! This event will be held at Shekinah Christian Center in Longview, WA. Irish Feast & Ithra has a pirate theme this year!

Bardic, A&S competitions, and children's equestrian activities will also be performed throughout the day. For the most up to date event information, please go to the Shire website:

There are varied classes for everyone to enjoy! All classes are "first-come, first-serve," so we encourage you to register early! Please go to: for site information and class registration.

Classes include:

  • Pirates & Privateers
  • The Goode Wyfe
  • How to Run Gate
  • Intro to the SCA
  • Youth Combat Weapon Construction
Shire of Rivers Bend (Longview, Washington)