Principality of the Mists Spring Coronet

The seasons turn, the Sun warms the land, the fields are planted, and Brion and Ysabella, Prince and Princess of the Mists seek through their demesnes for worthy successors.

Their Highnesses, Brion and Ysabella, invite all who would contend for the Coronets to gather at the Elm Grove Camping Area [ Friday night Their Highnesses will host a Hafla (Middle Eastern dance party) to welcome those who choose to attend. Saturday evening They will also host a party on the List Field to celebrate Their Heirs. So come and camp in the beautiful lands of the Mists!

Site Fees
8$ for members
11$ for non-members

Parking will be moderately tight. Carpooling is encouraged. There is additional parking up the road, so we will be arranging for shuttles to run to the upper parking lot. Volunteers are needed to run the shuttles.

Leohtulf of the Silver Hills

Arts and Sciences:
Arts: Embroidery in color
Sciences: Dyeing: research paper, including study in mordants and the reaction to fibers

Silver Spoon
A Dish to Counteract Winter's Humour
Winter's Humour is Phlegmatic, which is Cold and Moist. Your task is to cook a recipe that will improve the health of whomever dines upon your dish.

Saltatoris Nebulorum (dance)
Jenny Pluck Pears (English Country)

For additional information, contact the relevant Minister for Arts, for Sciences, for Dance, or for Silver Spoon. Note
Due to site restrictions equestrian activities and archery are not allowed.

From either Interstate 680 or 880 Take the Calaveras Road exit in Milpitas Drive east towards the foothills along Calaveras Road. Calaveras Road passes through the southern portion of Ed Levin Park. From Calaveras Rd. take a left onto Downing Road. The entrance to the Elm Grove Camping Area [ Location:
Principality of the Mists (Milpitas, California)