Baronial Investiture Anniversary II: A Storm is Brewing

The Holy Days are now long gone and we are approaching the celebrations of the Spring Equinox. Lady Winter's grasp on the land is failing and the Great River has already started to break her clutch.

During the rough months of the Northern Shores' Winter, it has not been unheard of that L'Ile du Dragon Dormant would not get news or messengers from the Havre des Glaces, as the inns are few and far between. This year would not be different from any of the previous solitary winters if disturbing rumors were not being heard. A hunter said he had found the dead carcasses of a woman and her horse, slashed and frozen. She was wearing the Havre des Glaces baronial colors and her haversack was empty. Travelers that went to the Havre des Glaces' Fete des Glaces on January 20th reported that strange men were seen at the festivities and that were asking questions about a ship that would have sunk upriver.

What is going on? That is the question on the lips of all the citizens of L'Ile du Dragon Dormant.

Come one and all, and help us find out the causes of these strange happenings! Come and attend our Baronial Rapier tourney as well as our Baronial A&S Tourney! Participate in both, one and all, citizens and guests alike!

Despite the worry and the feeling that trouble is not far at hand, the citizens are determined to celebrate the second anniversary of their Baronial Investiture and of Baron Pellandre's tenure as its great leader. Joy, merriment and good food are to be had by all comers. Throughout the day, various activities are going to be held, catering to the interests of children as well as adults, to peaceful folks and not-so-peaceful folks alike. So bring your armor, oil your foils and epees and make your way to our halls! Merchants are welcome, as usual, and should reserve in advance to make sure space is available for them.

Finally, a memorable feast will be prepared by Lady Diana Scott and will allow travelers to restore their strength before the long trek back home.


Canadian guests: Make your best way to the 40 (Transcanadian Highway) towards Montreal. got the "On the 40", below.

American guests:
From the 89 or 91: Go North, cross the border until you get to the Highway 10, on which you will head West. You will continue on this Highway over the Champlain bridge.

From the 87: Go North, cross the border until you get to the exit for the Champlain bridge. Take the exit and continue over the Champlain Bridge.

From the Champlain Bridge: continue on the Highway, until you reach the junction to the 40, on which you will head East. Continue with "On the 40"

On the 40: Get off at St-Denis Exit and go south on St-Denis street. Turn left on Jean-Talon, then left on Lajeunesse street. The event site is on your left. Free parking is available in the back (limited places)

At-a-Glance Event Information

Centre Lajeunesse
7378 Lajeunesse
Montreal, QC H2R2H8

Site Opens: 10:00 AM
Site Closes: 23:00

Event Fees:
Site : $12 per adult
$11 per teen
$ 8 per child
$ 0 for under 6 yrs

Feast: Site plus Feast fee:
$20 per adult
$19 per teen
$12 per child
$ 0 for under 6 yrs

Send Reservations to:
Helena Mota

Helena Mota
ska: Matsudaira Hoshi

Head cook:
Lady Diana Scott
Food inquiries or concerns should be sent to

Make Checks Payable to: SCA - L'ile du Dragon Dormant Location:
Barony of L'ile du Dragon Dormant (Montreal, Quebec)