Folo goes to Reenactor Fest

Lord Folo of the Middle Kingdom attended the recent Reenactor Fest in Arlington, Illinois. Part science fiction con, part gun show, but with better costumes, the convention had something for everyone, except maybe "skimpily-clad spokes models." Read Folo's thoughts on his LiveJournal blog.

Folo writes:

"At the end of the day, everyone gathered into the ball room to play historical Jeopardy. It was organized by a WWII unit, so there was a preponderance of WWII questions. We were divided into teams; my favorite name was for a group of Roman and Pirate Reenactors: SPQArrrrr. I teamed up with a WWI doughboy, a couple ACW reenactors, a wild west type and two Civ War women in mufti. We almost won one round (we were beaten by ten points). There was a cash bar, so behavior became less...uh, subdued by the end of the evening. Double jeopardy was deciding whether a name was a My Little Pony’s or a porn star’s (pretty disturbing, no matter whose it was). We broke up a bit after midnight."

Photos can be viewed at: