SCA Bard Publishes In-Persona Stories

G.R. Groves joined the SCA over a decade ago, and her experiences in that organization and her travels abroad inspired her to write a first-person fictional account of the travels of a Welsh Bard in the Middle Ages. The book has now been published online and in print.

The book, Storyteller was an eleven-year effort by its author, and it chronicles the daily life of Gwernin the Storyteller", a young Welshman. In her blog, Ms. Groves explains how the idea for the book began. "I had recently been to Wales, and offered to do some travel articles about it for our local newsletter. I thought it would be fun to do them 'in persona', as a 6th century Welsh storyteller. That was when I found out how little I actually knew about daily life in the Middle Ages." As she researched the answers to the many questions that arose, she created a sixteen-article series for the local newsletter.

Later, the first thirteen articles were self-published by the author in a pamphlet. Over time, she expanded the series into a book-length work, drawing inspiration from the folk tales told by Blackberry the rabbit in Watership Down, and from the works of Rosemary Sutcliff and Ellis Peters.

The first chapter of the book is available as a free-sample download, and the entire volume can be purchased from the author's web site, linked as "original article" below. The web site also contains the author's more complete explanation of the book's origins, and her plans for future work.