Stickfighting in the Park

The Houston Stickfighting Association will be at it again for the first of quarterly scheduled combative events featuring martial artists of all "stick-based" fighting styles and NOT LIMITED TO, the Filipino MA systems, but also open to Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, Thai also including European-style MAists.

[SCAtoday Note: This is not an SCA event, although SCA folk are welcome.]

Matches are fought with various sorts of martial art weaponry from the Filipino rattan sticks, wooden/rubber training dagger duels, wooden sword and dagger, staff, wooden longswords in series of "friendly exchanges" betwen players in a 2 minute round. This is a FULL-CONTACT event featuring members of this organization going at it where there are no judges, no trophies, no winners, or losers. This is not a tournament. Just a group of guys open-minded enough to cross skills with other martial arts weapons from the Oriental martial arts to the Western/European(Medival/Rennaisance era) weapons systems.

The event will begin at 9 in the morning at Oyster Creek Park off of Highway 6 South between Dulles Ave and Settlers Way. Matches go on until the afternoon, and there will also be a BBQ cookout to add to the occasion.

A note from the founder of the HSFA:

To join the HSFA, please visit our website,, and download a Membership Application and a Release Form for this March 4, 2007 event. Your completed forms and your $20.00 annual membership fee can be mailed to:

Johnathan Bolton
1301 McKinney
Suite 4100
Houston, TX 77010
You can also e-mail your completed forms to:

Rock on with your STICK ON!

Daniel Arola Location:
Oyster Creek Park (Houston area, Texas)