Viking Vinter Vunderland IX

Greetings to all and singular! Gone-a-Viking lately? Why not?! Well here is your chance to make up for lost time! Viking Vinter Vunderland, that crazy, hilarious and silly event is back to cause havoc in the Outlands once again!

Welcome to the event that has no schedule, that has prizes that you fight over to not win and food to fill the belly of even Erik the Red. No matter the weather, no matter the temperature; we will still be out fighting away and warming ourselves with the company of one's friends.

This event is a hallmark in Dragonsspine that carries a stoic aura that is only passed in words. Come here tails of past glory on its fields, stories of fighting frivolity and the age old classic of, "In my day, I had to walk up hills full of snow for miles both ways just to get to the fighting field and when I got there, it was so cold my sword broke with but one swing onto my own head!"

So come a-Viking and play games of fun, eat food of great taste and company that could even warm the breath of Scandinavia on its coldest winter's day.

Monument Valley Park (Colorado Springs)

Directions from the North: Take I-25 South to exit 144, Uintah St. Exit and turn left to head east on Uintah. At Glen Ave (1st actual stop light), turn right. Follow sings to park.

Directions from the South: Take I-25 North to exit 144, Uintah St. Exit and turn right on Uintah. At first stop light, Glen Ave, turn right. Follow signs to park.

Site Information
Opens - 10:00 am
Closes - 8:00 pm
Site is DRY!!

Adult $5.00, including lunch
Children 12 and under, FREE
$3.00 non-member surcharge
Please make checks payable to: SCA-Dragonsspine

Lord Tiberius Acilius Brutus (Daniel Duffield) Location:
Barony of Dragonsspine (Colorado Springs, Colorado)