Arts & Archery

The Baron and Baroness of Lyondemere invite all archers and artisans of the Kingdom of Caid to their fair shores for a tournament like no other. On this day, there shall be no tournaments of swordsmanship, but a plethora of events designed to showcase the arts and archery.

Arts Competition
The winner of the day must have at least three entries, at least one entry in an Art and one in an Archery category. The Baronial Championship will not be counted as an entry. The winner shall be the highest average score.

Art – Practical
Leather or Metal Armor, Wood or Metal Tools, Book and Paper Making, Toys, Musical Instruments, Furniture, etc. Art – Visual Calligraphy, Illumination, Drawing, Painting, Jewelry, Heraldic Display, Surface Decoration, Woodcarving, Decorative Metalwork, etc.

Art – Performance
Original Story or Song, Period Song or Reading, Instrumental Performance, Dance, etc.

Art – Fiber
Costume, Spinning, Weaving, Embroidery, Dying, etc.

You may enter as many categories as you wish. Scores will be averaged to reach a total for the day. (i.e. if you enter five categories, and score 75, 80, 65 and 90, your final score is 77.5.) You MUST enter in at least one Art category and one Archery category to win the day.

Art entries will be judged and must include documentation. The judging will be "blind", so please do NOT put your name on your documentation. Minimum documentation should include what you are trying to create, how you created it, and how your method, or result, differs (if at all) from the original. Please cite all sources. Entries will be judged on execution, authenticity, complexity, creativity and originality; and scored as percentage of an ideal (not against other entries). Entries may not have been entered in a past Arts & Archery competition and should be completed within the past year.

All participants are encouraged to enter the arts competition. Those archers that enter the arts competition will earn an extra life in the balloon melee! Yes, we’re changing it up a bit this year; you only get one life if you don’t enter an art. Your second life will come from entry into any (or all) of the arts categories.

On the archery range, we will have a day free of Royal Rounds, a day of novelty and enjoyment for all! The event will also feature the Lyondemere Baronial Archery Championship. Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to kill off your opponents (balloons) in the crowd pleasing Archer’s Melee! We will also have a moving target and one new surprise!

Baronial Archery Championship
Eligibility and duty requirements: Archers must not currently hold a baronial championship from another territorial group. The archer who is deemed victorious in the Championship will be named the Lyondemere Champion for Archery and will become part of Her Excellency Angelina's Baronial Guard. The Champion is expected to stand court at Lyondemere events and may be called in to service at other Kingdom events to aide in Their Excellencies procession. The Champion will represent Lyondemere at the Tournament of Champions and other tournaments as requested by Their Excellencies. For this reason, it is requested that the winner of the Championship list not compete for other territorial championships for the duration of their term (1 year).

There will be a separate list for the Baronial Archery Championship!

An archer plays many important roles to the baronial lands. The Archery Champion of Lyondemere must prove their skills in hunting and war by completing two tasks. The archer who performs best in both tasks and proves that they are able to provide for the barony in times of peace and war will be named the Champion. There will be separate list to compete in the Archery Championship.

First, the archers shall face an invading Viking Horde. The prowess of the archers at war will be tested as the enemy advances. The wall will be divided in half and six targets will be placed on each half. Each target shall be a Viking Round Shield (standard 60cm target face, scored 5-4-3-2-1). Beginning with the left most target, the archers will have 20 seconds to gain a score in as many targets as possible. Archers must shoot the targets in order. If an archer has reached the sixth target and has time remaining, they should continue to shoot the sixth target. Archers must get a score in a target before they move on. An arrow that misses the target shall count a negative three points an archer (an appropriate buffer zone will be given for arrows that are close to the target and hard to determine their position from the line). Any archer with a negative score shall be considered dead and will not continue to the next task. Throughout this task, all onlookers are considered part of the Viking Horde and are encouraged to demonstrate their best war cries to the competing archers.

Following a war an archer returns to their home land and assists in the hunt to gather food for the royals. In this challenge, the archers will have six animal targets located at varied distances throughout the range. The targets will range from the small (grouse) to the large (deer). Archers will have one minute to shoot as many arrows as they can at the targets. Targets will be scored kill or no kill.

Beginning and hopeful archers are encouraged to attend. We will have archery authorizations throughout the morning (beginning at 9am and completing promptly at noon). All who wish to authorize are encouraged to arrive early and no new authorizations will begin after 11:30am. There will be loaner gear available on a first come, first served basis.

There is no need for pavilions (they are not allowed, in fact), for there are many tables and natural shade provided by the park. As they are renovating the picnic area in the park, everyone is encouraged to bring chairs as there are tables but no benches. Thanks to the largesse of the Baron and Baroness, there is no site fee for this event.

Rancho Park is located at 2551 Motor Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90064. Merchanting is not allowed.

Schedule of the day:
8:00am – Site Opens
9:00am – Authorization Begin
10:00am – Opening Court
12:00pm – Authorizations End
12:15pm – Novelty Shoots Begin
6:00pm – Site Closes

Post Event Revel
After the day’s activities, join us at St. Bede's Episcopal Church (3590 Grand View Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90066-1904) for a relaxing evening of games, food, dancing and other social endeavors. The doors will open at 5:30 p.m. and a light dinner will be offered.

The Inn of the Crimson Spade will host assorted games for an hour or two, then music and dancing will fill the hall. Weather permitting, there may be opportunity for bardic performances in the garden.

The site is damp (beer, wine, mead are fine, no hard liquors) and we must clear out by 10:00 p.m. There is no cost for this revel, but a $3 donation is suggested to cover the cost of the space and food.

Dinner will be served buffet-style. Crocks of soup (one vegetarian, one meat), and loaves of bread will be on a side board, please help yourself. (More specific information will be forthcoming.)

Maps from the range to the revel site will be available at the gate table at the event.

Directions from Rancho Park Archery Range:
Turn right out of the driveway heading south on Motor Blvd. Take a right on Palms Blvd. Take a left on Grand View. The church will be on the left right before the next stop sign. The church is approximately 4 miles from the range.

Event Steward: Lady Christina O’Cleary (Jessica Baas), email Lady Meala Campbuil is the steward for the revel, email

Directions: From 405 N: Exit National. Turn right off the exit then an immediate left on Sepulveda. Turn right on Pico then a right on Motor. The park is on the right. From the 405 S: Exit Pico and head East, back under the freeway. Turn right on Motor. From the 10 W: Exit Overland and turn right off the exit. Turn right on Pico. Turn right on Motor.

Just south of Pico on Motor, take the first driveway on the right and go ALL the way to the back of the lot. The archery range is hidden in the trees, but gate (sign-in and get those waivers!) will be at the trees near the lot. There is additional parking in the lot at the front of the park. Location:
Barony of Lyondemere (Los Angeles, California)