Caid Crown Tourney

Unto the populace of Caid does the Barony of Starkhafn send greetings and happy tidings. We are honored to have been chosen to host Spring Crown Tournament, and would be honored further by your company at the celebration of TRM Edric and Faizeh, Their Heirs and Caid! Please come enjoy the hospitality that is Starkhafn and the camaraderie of friends in the wondrous desert.

Nevada State Museum & Historical Society
1700 Twin Lakes Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

The generous populace of Starkhafn is offering the use of their personal pavilions for those not wanting to cart their cumbersome and heavy pavilions with them. We understand the cost of fuel and truly wish to help. So, many have offered to bring and set-up their shade for others to use. It will be on a first come, first serve basis and Baronies, Cantons and Shires will have first choice. Please contact the Event Steward to reserve space on the list field.

Site Opens: 08:00 AM
Troll Open: 09:00 AM
Court: 10:00 AM (At Their Majesties Leisure)
Site Closes: 07:00 PM

Food stuff: Stark Bucks will be there on Saturday morning, for a donation. There will be a sandwich buffet available for lunch. For a donation you can make a sandwich along with a drink, chips and fruit.

There will be activities for children.

$8 for Members 12 and up, $11 for non-members 12 and up, .50 for children 6-11. Please make checks payable to Barony of Starkhafn, SCA Inc

Additional Information
Merchants are welcome, please contact Mistress Margaret Hepburn Location:
Barony of Starkhafn (Las Vegas, Nevada)