New Compleat Anachronist editor seeks submissions

Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur, (Rae Hadley), the newly-named editor for the Compleat Anachronist, is looking for writers, illustrators and reviewers for the publication.

Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur writes:

My name is Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur (Rae Hadley), and I was appointed as the new editor of The Compleat Anachronist at the Board of Directors meeting on Saturday, January 27, 2007.

I'm recruiting writers, illustrators and reviewers for the CA. I'm hoping to reach as many of our participants as possible, and I would like to ask each of you to help me spread the word of the change of office, and encourage those in your areas with amazing talents that scream to be showcased to write to me.

I am very excited about taking on the CA and hope to have regular contact with all of you. Anything you can do to help me get the word out that there are changes afoot would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at any time.

In service,

Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur, OL, Caid



You Could Be Famous!

If you have an area of interest that you are passionate about and have a flair for writing, you could be exactly who we're looking for! The editorship of the Compleat Anachronist (CA) is changing hands, and we're actively recruiting contributing writers, reviewers, and illustrators.

The Compleat Anachronist is published quarterly and is dedicated to in-depth exploration of specific topics of medieval life. It is available by subscription to members of the SCA, or can be purchased through the SCA marketplace.

  • Prospective Writers: You are invited to send manuscript proposals to the new editor. Proposals may be as short as a few paragraphs that describe your ideas for a manuscript, or as involved as a complete draft of a manuscript. Prospective writers should consider topics that can reasonably fill 40-50 pages of 10 point font text, including illustrations.
  • Reviewers: Assist the editor in reviewing manuscripts. Reviewers may recommend changes, deletions, or additions to what the writer has presented, and help the editor check resources and references. We do the best we can to use reviewers whose interests are similar to the topic of the manuscript they are reviewing, so the more reviewers we have, the better.
  • Illustrators: We're looking into the feasibility of using photographs in the CA. However, there may be times that the author of a manuscript is unable or chooses not to use photographs. Illustrators are needed to help authors produce line drawing and other artwork for their manuscripts.

If you are interested in taking part in some exciting changes planned for the CA, please contact the new editor:

Rae Hadley
Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur

In service,

Tonwen ferch Gruffudd Aur, OL