Night on the Town IX

The early morning mists have just begun to fade. The scout, low in the brush, gazes upon the town of Smeewick. The docks, some still blackened from the bandit raids the previous Spring, are active again. The scout watches closely as goods and merchandise are unloaded quickly from the ships to a series of warehouses. If each of those were full, there would be plenty of provisions to allow his army to push further in to Atlantia. He scans the town, trying to see what opposition they would face. There seems to be no regulars of the Atlantian army in Smeewick now, but the scout knows that the townsfolk would be quick to take up arms against any aggressor. No Atlantian town had ever been taken without a goodly amount of blood as its price. Still, the scout thought, Smeewick had the supplies the army needed. It would fall, and after that, they would be ready to strike into the heart of Atlantia. The scout crawls back down the hill, and mounts his horse. cloud of dust erupts as he heads northward. Soon, hard eyes will watch as he proudly reports his findings. The warlord will summon his commanders and discussions will go deep into the night. While some will argue for immediately moving further into Atlantia, others point out that even with the unusually warm winter, the army is short on supplies. In the end, just as dawn is starting to show, the decision will be that Smeewick must fall first. Forces will be marshaled, blades will be made ready, and the shadow of the north will once again fall on Smeewick.

Martial Activities: Welcome to Atlantia's premiere rapier event. Rapier at Night on the Town IX will be a day of melees. You will either defend or attack the town of Smeewick and the surrounding area. All fighting will be heavy rapier, with combat archery for certain pre-set scenarios. Due to the open nature of the fighting, no combat archery will occur outside of these scenarios. Authorizations are at 9am. Target archery will also be available.

Arts & Sciences Activities: For those who wait in anticipation of the outcome of the enemies? attack, a great fair of artisans will be held in the village of Smeewick. Teachers in the arts will be present to show interested citizens about their craft. This is a wonderful chance to "try it before you buy it". Various arts and sciences will be available during the day to sample, including illumination techniques, book binding, netting, knitting, Viking wire knitting, beer tasting and styles, tablet weaving and so much more. Note that there is no fee associated with participation in this activity. If you have any questions, please contact Lady Christiana Iarina Chaikinaia at ccs_meow@yahoo. com.

Day Trip / With Feast / Camping/Cabin
Additional Fee
Cost: Adult, Member: $13.00 / $18.00 / $6.00
Adult, Non-Member: $16.00$ / 21.00 / $6.00
Child (6-17): $6.00 / $11.00 / $3.00
Child (0-5): $0.00 / $0.00 / $0.00

Site: Elks Camp Barrett, 1001 Chesterfield Rd., Annapolis, MD 21401. Site opens at 5pm Friday, April 13th and closes at 11am Sunday, April 14th.

Site Restrictions: The site is wet. No pets, other than assistance animals. Cabins are bunk style and a shower house is nearby. Pavilion camping is allowed, but we ask no modern tents as cabins are available.

Feast Information: An amazing feast (heavy on the meat) will be prepared by the illustrious Sir Xenophon Vaughn. Dietary questions should be directed to kvaughn333@yahoo. com. Also, lunch will be sold to raise money for the Baronial Fighter practice.

Merchants are welcome, but please no modern looking structures (i.e. blue tarps). Send field space requests to the autocrat.

Autocrat: Aryanna Hawkyns (Tara McDonough) TaraMcD@juno. com

Reservations: Lady Margery Winterbourne (Sharon Horstman) skhorstman@cablespe Checks should be made payable to Barony of Lochmere/SCA Inc.

From the West (in MD): Take the best route to Rt 32 East to I-97 South. From I-97 take Exit 5, Rt 178/Crownsville. At the light off Rt 32, Rt 178 goes straight and also goes to the left. Continue straight on Rt 178 South for approx 1.8 miles. At the light, turn right onto Crownsville Rd. Continue for approx 1 mile and turn right onto Hawkins Rd (there is a sign for Elks Camp Barrett). Continue for approx 1.8 miles. At the bottom of the hill, go thru the stop sign to enter the Camp.

From the North: Take best route to I-97 South to Exit 5 and follow directions above for those coming from the West.

From the South: From the Capital Beltway (I-495), take Exit 19A Rt 50 East to Exit 23 Rt 450/Parole. Take Rt 450 West and turn left at the light in front of Annapolis Mall (this is still Rt. 450). Continue approx 2 miles. Turn right at the light onto Crownsville Rd. After .5 mile there will be a blue sign for Elks Camp Barrett. Take a left onto Chesterfield Rd and go approx 1.4 miles. The site is on your left. Location:
Barony of Lochmere (Annapolis, Maryland)