Batesville Renaissance Days

On April 13th and 14th, the University of Arkansas Community College in Batesville will be holding their third annual Renaissance Days. We are planning on a 2-day event, and there will be free camping and free lunch on site both days. Restrooms are available the whole time, but there are no showers. There are several hotels within two miles of the campus though. We are planning an event type set up, so what you are looking at is a free overnight event with mundane walking around and asking questions.

Heavy Fighting: there will be two tourneys! One will be an open fighting style and the Second one will be 6' great axes. In addition, if we have enough fighters there will be a melee sat morning. Points will be added up to determine winner.

We would love to have some light fighters show up and would need a marshal as well.

We would like to have classes as well so if anyone would like to teach you can contact THL Karis or Baroness Signy Gandolfsdottir. Marla Bennett needs to know well in advance about space needed for classes, so she can reserve a space for you.

Merchants are welcome, but the merchants won't be able to sell weapons (unless they are wooden) and might have to meet other criteria as well. Food merchants must clear their wares with the Vice-Chancellor, Ron Jenkins: 870-612-2004. All vendors must register at least one week in advance before taking part in the event.

Unfortunately, the great shire Smythkepe is having Cracked Anvil on the 14th, and we do not want to take away from them. However, if you were not planning on going to Cracked Anvil we would love your assistance here.

More information about the demo/event can be found at

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