Wake for Rhiannan Lowery (mka Cindy Bonner)

Baron Wylowen of Stuarts Og Dunniwey of the West Kingdom has announced that a wake will be held in celebration of the life of his lady wife, Baroness Rhiannan Lowery, who passed away January 13, 2007. The wake will take place on February 24, 2007 in Cameron Park, California.

His Excellency writes:

The "Wake"
February 24th, 2007
In Celebration of the Life of,
Lady Baroness Rhiannon Lowery
Cynthia Lynn Bonner
(1948 - 2007)

Wife of Baron Wylowen of Stuarts Og Dunniwey
Mother of Merryn and Brandi.

Not a sad occasion, but a hearty Fare Well to take place at the ranch of our dear friend Patty Chelseth in the area of Cameron Park, Ca. (530) 676-8851.

Beginning approximately at 3 pm and open to 10 pm.

We have but a few suggestions for our fellow celebrants:
Come as She knew you. Cindy's range of Friends and Family included co-workers, time-travelers, musicians, fabric crafters, shepherds, equestrians, mundanes, dancers, faire folk, adolescents, doctors, leeches, actors, (even a few lawyers) and anybody in need of a soft shoulder, a sympathetic smile, and a patient ear. Dress for Her.

Shared gifts of Flowers, pot-luck items of Chocolate, Beef, or Chamborg, etc (a few of Her favorite things) are welcome. Numbers expected are not concrete, but My Lady Wife was popular. Nothing is necessary, anything is welcome.

All Musicians attending must offer a song or poem of Love in Her honor.

Directions: Take your best route to Highway 50 west of Placerville, east of Cameron Park. Exit Shingle Springs and Ponderosa Rd. north. Ponderosa Rd. continues winding northward past the Ponderosa High School and Sogno Vineyards to 2.9 miles from the highway where on the left hand side will be the ranch's electronic gate with the cryptic code of # 1,2,3,4. Be careful of ducks, chickens, etc. with plenty of parking from the house back to the gate. The House is large enough for all.

Your memories are welcome. Enter freely, and when departing leave some of the happiness you have brought.