New SCA Press Officer Appointed

The Vice President of Operations of the SCA, Inc, Mr. George L. Reed announced this week the selection of the next Press Officer for the SCA Inc.

Ms. Stephanie Drummonds of Cincinnati, Ohio has been selected from a competitive field of candidates, and will begin a transition that is expected to conclude in April. Ms. Drummonds succeeds the originator of the Office in the SCA, Ms. Tamara Griggs.

Baroness Melisande de Canonwald (Stephanie Drummonds) has been in the SCA for more than a quarter of a century. She has served in many areas and capacities throughout that time. She has been a Minister of Arts and Chronicler on both the local and baronial levels, has served as event steward and feast steward, and has served the Crown of the Middle Kingdom on the Royal Staff of three different sets of Monarchs. Most recently, Melisande has been the Middle Kingdom Press Officer since November of 2005, facing many challenges, including reality television.

Melisande brings years of real world experience to this position. In addition to having a degree in Medieval Studies, in the modern world, she is the programming and operations coordinator of a top 50 market television, a position she has held for seventeen years. That position requires her to create and distribute press information, web content and correspondence on a daily basis. Her position also requires assuring compliance to government regulatory and oversight commissions.

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