Ealdormere Laurel subject of Playboy Magazine article

An Ealdormere Laurel in Playboy magazine? Well, not exactly. To be more accurate: the Laurel herself isn't in the magazine, but her work is.

The January 2007 issue of Playboy magazine (the one with Pamela Anderson on the cover) has an article about some of the baudy-but-authentic medieval pilgrims' tokens made by Baroness Eleanor Cadfan, O.L. O.P.

Dame Eleanor, from the Kingdom of Ealdormere, will be familiar to many of the readers of SCAtoday.net as the proprietress of Fettered Cock Pewters, a mainstay in the Pennsic merchant area for over a decade.

The article is on page 178 of the magazine. For those who don't include this august publication in their medieval libraries, it has also been reproduced on the Fettered Cock Pewters website. Follow the "original article" link and click on the Playboy Bunny icon.