Combat: "In the Air Tonight!"

Rockskald of the SCA household Haus Kriegsturm has posted a slideshow and video montage of armored combat photos set to the music of Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight on YouTube.

Rockskald writes:

The photos came from many different events taken of my Household's Brothers and Sisters over the years. The video footage also comes from various sources, much of it from other sites I found on the web, and does include Pennsic. Eventually, I'll rework the whole video to include only video shot by members of my Household, so that I'm not 'borrowing' someone else's work."

Wow. Never thought I'd make

Wow. Never thought I'd make the 'headlines,' lol. Anyway, just thought I'd let it be known that yup, on YouTube, my screen name is Rockskald; in the SCA, however, I'm Denewulf Haakonsson, squire to Sir Ivar Idthur-Drengr, student of Mistress Jofridr Thorbjarnardottir (skaldic arts), and reside in the Middle Kingdom.