Further announcements from Estrella War autocrats

Baron Friedrich Ethelred aus Schloss Trier, Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXIII, has published several more announcements regarding safety issues, archery and the Wimple Luncheon.

Once again we bring you information regarding Estrella War XXIII. We have a couple safety warnings for those caught in off limits areas, so please be mindful of where you are. Then we have some fun archery notices and for the Gules Wimples also known as "Red Hats" a shopping and luncheon.

Unto all to whom these letters come do we the Main Autocrats for Estrella War XXIII make it known.

There are two areas of concern to all and both are in the realm of site safety. We must require all to cross the railroad tracks only at designated crossings. These are marked and monitored. The trains do NOT slow through this area as this is normally an unpopulated site for agriculture. We wish everyone to be safe on this site, thus if you are caught on the tracks at a non-designated spot you will be removed from site.

The second area of concern is the strip mine. This can be an attractive nuisance but it too is a very dangerous area. This area will also be monitored and if you are found here you will be removed from site.

Neither we nor the property owner will allow liberties to be taken in either of these areas. We do not wish to be harsh but you must know that we can not be lenient toward any found in violation.

In continued service,

Maestro Diego de Marulanda al Nadil, OP, LoA, DWS
Miastreas Deborah Inis Glas, OP, DWS, CGoA
Mistress Alexandra de la Mer Vert, OP

Period Crossbow Competition

Thursday, February 15th
10:30 am - 11:30 pm
Location: Archery Range

Crossbow Competition using period style targets.

The competition will have no timed ends. The scoring area on the targets will be small. The crossbows may be shot from any position and may be directly supported. No front or rear sights. Crossbows should conform to the IKAC standards for period crossbows.

The first round is the Florin or coin shoot. Small "coins" will be attached to the target face. If you hit one, you get a point. You will receive one real coin for each point you make. Six ends of one bolt. This is based upon the report of Genoese crossbow marines shooting from one ship at a coin attached to the mast of on other.

The second round is the Contona shoot. This has a scoring area with four concentric circles, from four to one points. Around this center are two outer rings divided into six equal areas, like a dart board. However, your hits to these areas score from one to two negative points and there are two areas where if hit, you lose your next turn. Six ends of one bolt. This is based on the competition in the Italian City of Contona which is developed from a shoot done there in medieval times.

The third round is the Wreath shoot. Your bolts must hit within the wreath to score. One end of six bolts. Standard medieval shoot.

The fourth round is a Shoot Off between the top scoring archers. The one bolt closest to the center of the target wins. One end of three bolts. The winner gets the bolts, in the target, of the losers. However, they may ransom them with their coins and the winner must then return their bolts. This is also based on medieval Italian practice in some cities.

Sponsored by Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf

Roses Cancer Tournament (Archery)

Thursday, February 15th
12:00 - 2:00 pm
Archery Range

This is an Archery Tournament that Benefits the American Cancer Society. Each Archer will pay a $5.00 entry fee to participate. The proceeds will be added to the Rapier and Hard suit Tournaments and then given to the American Cancer Society.

Sponsored by Cayla Rockwell

Gules Wimple Luncheon & Shopping

Thursday, February 15th
Location: Merchant's Food Court

Third Annual Luncheon and Shopping Spree. Wear your Gules Wimple colors (Red Hat Society) proudly. Come have lunch with your fellow sisters throughout the known world. All kingdoms are invited! Purchase your lunch at any one of the fine food establishments then enjoy your meal with the Gules Wimple Women.

Afterward we will invade the merchants and see what splendor they have to offer. Naturally, we will be looking for everything purple/lavender and red/pink we can find.

Sponsored by Mistress Brenna MacGhie of Kintyre

Respectfully submitted,

Friedrich Ethelred aus Schloss Trier
Baron to the Court
Internal Publicity Estrella War XXIII