"The populace hath done spoken!"

Inspired by Asrune's post on a Celtic music forum, Lady Fionnghuala na Lamh-Bann, of the East Kingdom, set out to find "the most overplayed/ oversung songs that you hear CONSTANTLY around the SCA campfires", and surveyed the populace at large to find out which songs made the most people cringe in horror.

As Lady Fionnghuala says, "a perfectly charming and well-penned song can be done a great disservice by performing it 5,498,792,054,760,429,580,498,624,068 times, thereby ratcheting up its annoyance factor until it bugs you as much as truly terrible songs that deserve to be hated from Note One." Her survey serves the dual purposes of humorous amusement and a serious attempt to encourage SCA bards to branch out from their comfort zones and find new material.

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Note 2: The editors of SCAtoday.net have not checked the math and cannot verify the figure 5,498,792,054,760,429,580,498,624,068 as the exact number of times a song must be performed in order to become brain-rottingly annoying.

Well done

Well, it was orginally only to find fonder for another useless song- but im glad something a bit more substantial came out of it :) well done! and I'm glad to have been of service ;P

Asrune Rowan