Medieval Purim

Come celebrate Purim with the good gentles of the Barony March of the Debatable Lands on Sunday, March 4 at the Branstetter-McCandless Castle, 755 Stonegate Road, Wexford PA, 15090. The site will open at noon and close at 8pm. There will be an all-day side-board of Jewish foods cooked by Mistress She'erah bat Shlomo from several cuisines (meal will be meat, non-dairy, and vegetarian-friendly). The site is wet.

The event will include traditional Purim activities, including a play on the Story of Ester by I Genesii. Children's activities will be organized by Thomas Byron of Haverford and Ariella of Thornsbury. There will be a culinary competition for illusion foods -- a dish that looks like something it is not. In keeping with the feast, dishes should not contain milk products (cream, butter, cheese, etc), pork, or shellfish. However, making something that looks like one of these foods is encouraged. Further information on kosher rules for the competition are here. Please contact the head cook if you have any further questions regarding kosher rules. A list of ingredients is required with entry. There will also be a people's choice brewing/wine-making competition, and bardic entertainment throughout the day.

This is a free event and the NMS does not apply. Donations will be accepted at the door or with feast reservation to help offset incidental fees and site costs. The feast is optional and costs $7 for adults; children 5-12 are $4, under 5 are free. Feast reservations must be made in advance and received by February 23rd. Make checks payable to "SCA Inc - BMDL". The event is limited to 100 gentles. Therefore, even if you are not planning to partake of the feast, please pre-register with the autocrat. Contact the autocrat, Lady Cassandra Theodosius (Pam Bolkovac, or the head cook, Mistress She'erah (, if you have any special dietary needs or other concerns/questions.

Take your best route to I-79. Get off at the Wexford Exit (#73). If you came from I-79 S, turn Right, if you came from I-79N, turn Left onto PA-910 (Orange Belt), Go 0.3 miles and turn left onto Mingo Rd. Go 1.1 miles, turn left on to Stonegate. The Castle is approximate 0.2 miles on your left. Location:
Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands (Pittsburgh Pennsylvania)