AEthelmearc's Artists' Forum a Success

Master Huen reported that May 17's Artists' Forum at AEthelmearc War Practice was a success. Master Huen writes:

The Artisan's Forum at War Practice this weekend past was a great success. I'd like to thank everyone who entered and who participated.

There were 19 separate entries in the Forum.

Miranda Pavalle - 3 drawings in charcoal;
Cynwyl MacDaire - Wax tablets;
Cigfa - Nailbinding shawl;
Katryna Deerhood Robyn - Herbal vinegars;
Huen Damebrigge - Fine cakes;
Aidan ni Leir - Longstitch bound books;
Marian O'Neill - Needlework
Matilda Bosvyle - Fool's motley;
Matilda Bosvyle - Court scroll;
Matilda Bosvyle - Emerald brocade Italian gown;
Vnade Saint Luc - Illumination in progress;
Hrefna in Leppna - Glasswork & calligraphy scripts;
Leiffr Hjalmsson - Blown glass;
Katryna Neblaga Volchkova - red wool hood;
Ennoquent filia Bronmael - Scrip (pilgrimage) bag;
Ilsh O'Donovan - 3 handmade hennins
Honnoria of Thescorre - Pottery;
Failenn de Cearsaigh - Scribal portfolio;
Kris Gilibari - Personal works.

Miranda Pavalle and Matilda Bosvyle tied for the "most popular item" contest; Matilda received a handmade book made and donated by Mistress Cassadoria; and Miranda received a croaking AEthel frog finger puppet.

THL Brion was in charge of the Performing Arts aspect of the Forum, which was held in the bath house in the evening. The "most popular" performance was awarded a piece of handcarved jade donated by Mistress Baroness Achren.

Thanks to one all for making the Forum the success it was.


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