"Penfeathers" seeks young SCA authors

Yves de Fortanier, editor of Penfeathers, a quarterly periodical produced in the Kingdom of Meridies, is looking for material written by children in the SCA.

Yves de Fortanier writes:

Penfeathers, the quarterly Kingdom of Meridies periodical, is intended for children who enjoy reading. This very night I've received an article written by my young friend Eric mac Marcus on what he likes in the SCA. Eric, aged 12, lives here in South Downs.

I'd love to include other articles in Penfeathers from children within or even beyond Meridies. The writing can be on whatever SCA-relevant topic the author chooses that would be of interest to other children.

Penfeathers must be ready in just a few days for inclusion in the March issue of Popular Chivalry.

Can you please help? I can be reached at this email address rwalla@comcast.net , or penfeathers@meridies.org, or see my contact information in the back of Popular Chivalry.