Midrealm Tournament of Chivalry at Winter's End

The Barony of Fenix hosts a Tournement of Chivalry at the fest of Winter's End. Hartwell Recreation Center 59 Caldwell, Dr Cincinnati, OH 45216

February 17, 2007 AS 41

Schedule :
Site opens : 9:00am
Inspections begin 10:00
Chivalry Tourney 11:00am
Rapier Combat list opens 10:00am
Open list to follow Chiv Tourney
All combat ends 4:30
Court: 5:30
Feast 7:00
Site closes 11:00pm

Combat Activities:
Armored combat will include a single elimination tourney for Chivalry only followed by an open list for challenges to indiviuals of the order of Chivarly by unbelted fighters. Specifics could change upon further discussions with TRM's. More info to follow...

10am Rapier list opens for inspections/auths/warmups
11am First Rapier tourney begins. Tourney style is a Fenix Winter's End Tradition, combatants begin fighting single rapier in a round robin style tournament, every time a bout is lost the combatant must switch to a different form that they are authed in. If single rapier is your only form then you fight single throughout. The combatant with the least number of losses by the end of the tournament wins.

Lunch break after first tourney, list will be open for pickups.

1pm Second Rapier tourney of the day begins. Tourney style is As Armored. Uadahlrich is writing up the rules for it.

If there is time the list will be open for pickups after the second tourney.

Arts and Sciences:
A panel of advisors will be assembled to help you refine your efforts before you consider entering something in an A&S competition. Bring the entry and it's documentation and present it before it's entered. Recognition of the best prepared entry will be made at court. Items can be displayed also for viewing by the general populace.

Details will be distributed as the specifics are specified. The Cooks are gonna try to stay as close as possible to His Majesty's stated preference for "Meat, meat and more meat." ( Conal gives this idea two thumbs up! )

Fees and Reservations:
Adult Site fee $8.00 pre-reg (before 1 February 2007). $10.00 at the door Children under 15 half price
Feast $10.00 ( 96 seats total available )

From south take I-75 north to the Paddock Road exit. Turn left and follow through the second traffic light on to VineStreet. Follow Vine Street to the third traffic light. Turn left on toCaldwell Drive. Turn left at the Hartwell Recreation Center entrance.

From the north take I-75 south to the Paddock Road exit. Turn right off exit and follow Paddock to Vine Street. Follow Vine Street to the third traffic light. Turn left on toCaldwell Drive. Turn left at the Hartwell Recreation Center entrance. Hartwell Recreation's webpage is located here - http://www.hartwellrec.com/

Hartwell Recreation Center
59 Caldwell Dr
Cincinnati OH 45216

Event Steward - Baron Conal O'hAirt ( Jim Hart ) baronconal@yahoo.com
Feast Steward -Baroness Artemisia Grimaldi ( Diana Hart ) artemisia_grimaldi@yahoo.com
Feast Steward - Mistress Aylwyn of Griffinholme. ( Mary Krammes ) aylwyn@aol.com
Troll - Lord Peregrin the Lost ( Richard Craig ) PTL@mindless.com
Armored Marshal -THL Deirdru ingen Mhurchada ( Dianne Benedict ) drauch@cinci.rr.com
Armored Marshal - Lord Aengus mac Farlane ( Keith Howard ) khoward001@gmail.com
Rapier Marshal - Hektor Rodriguez El Amante Espanol () hektorrodriguez@gmail.com
Rapier Marshal - Warder Herr Uadahlrich von Sassmannshausen ( Tim Nie ) mit1369@aol.com
Merchant Liason - Coleta Rose ( Juli Peck ) coleta_rose@yahoo.com
A&S coordinator - Master Edouard Halidai called 'Doc' ( Dan Meyers ) edoard@ medievalcookery.com
Youth Activities -Lady Alianora Panattier( Beth Krebs ) alianora2@yahoo.com
Royaly Liason - Lady Zophia Boreka ( Jen Marshal-Craig ) jemarshal@fuse.net
Herald -Duvessa MacSweeney of Cork( Denise Osterhage ) nisidee@insight.bb.com

http://www.midrealm.org/baronyfenix/wintersend.html Location:
Barony of Fenix (Cincinnati, Ohio)