Drachenwald Summer Coronation

The Shires of Brenau and Aventiure invite the populace of Drachenwald to join us in the north of Frankmark to celebrate this year's Summer Coronation! Enjoy a weekend with traditional ceremonies, tournaments, archery and A&S classes at the stepping down of King Maximilian and Queen Margerite and the elevation of their heirs!

Youth Hostel Bad Malente, Kellerstrasse 48, 23714 Bad Malente
The site opens at 18:00 on Friday the 8th and closes at 14:00 on sunday the 10th. You will be sleeping in beds, bed sheets will be provided by the Youth Hostel!

Bad Malente is located in the northern part of Germany near the town Luebeck, easily accessible by car and train. You can also take the plane to the following airports: Ryanair Airport Luebeck-Hamburg (1 hour away) and Airport Hamburg-Fuhlsbuettel (1 hour away) Please notice that we only arrange Pick-ups from the Ryanair airport.

Site Fee SCA Members: EUR 45
Site Fee non-member: EUR 48
One Day attendance: EUR 15
Dinner/ Supper on Friday: EUR 4
Late booking fee (after 9.05.07): EUR 5
The Sitefee includes: breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, Lunch on Saturday, Feast on Saturday, the costs for a bed for 2 nights including the bed sheets. It is possible to order dinner/supper on Friday evening for EUR 4 per person, please include that in your reservation.

Please make your reservations as soon as possible by email to the reservation steward at summercoronation2007@yahoo.de . With your booking please include your mundane and SCA name, any dietary request or health needs you may have, if you want dinner/supper on Friday, with whom you would like to share a room and if you require a Pickup. Remember pickups will only be arranged from the Ryanair airport and the train station in Bad Malente. Cost for the pickup from Ryanair airport: EUR 10, from the train station Bad Malente: EUR 2

Information on Summer Coronation can also be found at www.baerenau.de .

Event Steward:
Lady Eleanora von Ratzeburg (Cornelia Steffen), e-mail: ElevonRatzeburg@aol.com

Reservation Steward:
Lady Ailitha de Ainwyk (Angela Nelk), e-mail: ailithadeainwyk@yahoo.com

Lord Volker Eisvogel zu Norttorf ( Volker Ehlers) Location:
Shires of Brenau and Aventiure (Bad Malente, Germany)