Blue Lady Tavern chronicles life in an 8th century Saxon town

Leofwen Taverner of Eoforwic, modernly known as Nan Hawthorne, is an historical novelist and member of Regia Anglorum who writes a wonderful and detailed diary of her persona, presented to our modern eye as a blog.

Installments in the diary are all about the daily goings-on, from the pedestrian to the sublime, in an 8th century CE town in Saxon England. Recent entries have been about the construction of a new house, the life story of the tavern's serving maid, and watching a goldsmith craft a fine broach.

"The Blue Lady Tavern" is available at the "original article" link below, and also as a news feed that registered (logged-in) visitors to can enable from their personal account settings.

Good people, well pleased am I

Good people, well pleased am I that mine own name and the name of my tavern should appear in this august crier. I do invite you to tell me what person, place, thing or activity you should like to see on my blog, for I am most anxious to entertain and instruct you.

Leofwen Taverner of Eoforwic, The Blue Lady Tavern,