Hello Fron Lord Sergio Dello Scudo Bianco

Hello, Greetings, to all you greying individuals who might remember me, and whose meories a failing enough to remember me fairly. I Lord Sergio Dello Scudo Bianco, originally from Troll Fen (and now back in that area) bid you a great hello and good tidings. If anyone should like to conatct me magically. I can be found at ScudoB@aol.com. I wish to say hi to all who know me from Westrn Seas to Antenvedlt, Ansteorra, Meridies, Trimaris and beyond. Ihad a long and wonderful adventure through the SCA and may come back once more. Please let me know if there is anyone I might remember still out there. Thank You and good tidings to all.


I guess no one remembers me. Oh well, It has been a very long time.

Don't be discouraged

Many thousands of people read SCAtoday.net, but our forums are not as often-used as our main newswire. Don't be discouraged that you didn't make contact here; rather, I would encourage you to try other channels as well.

Kind regards,