Estrella Announcements

Friedrich Ethelred aus Schloss Trier, Internal Publicity Deputy for Estrella War XXIII, has announced that the Estrella website has been updated with new information regarding tent rental, RV waste management and airport transportation.

Baron Friedrich writes:

The Estrella War XXIII web site has been updated yet again and there are three specific areas of which to make you aware. On the non-SCA amenities page please find:

Rentals of tents, tables, chairs, heaters, cots, lighting and many other items.

If you're flying in but still want to camp and don't have the where with all in your baggage, this may be a viable option for you.

A Company, Inc. will pump RV's for $35 cash per pump at time of service.

There will be an on-site representative to help schedule individual pump outs to coincide with the clean out of porta privies.

J&M Shuttle is the only shuttle company that services Florence/Casa Grande from Phoenix International Airport.

Again if you're flying in, the other companies aren't coming out this far. Make your pick up time reservations as soon as possible.

We are working very hard to make this new site an enjoyable experience for all.

Respectfully submitted,

Friedrich Ethelred aus Schloss Trier
Baron to the Court
Estrella War XXIII Internal Publicity