Stowe Faire III

At last the Mahout returns and the elephants are banished. Friday night sees simple but wholesome fayre followed by a night of answering profound questions of fundamental significance Saturday is a day of mixed melees & A&S workshops. For the melees two teams hand picked by two captains will contest the field in search of riches and glory. See the Captains pick their side and challenge their foe for the Box of Rocks, the bridge and the fort. View or be part of the clash of arms or attend one of the classes dedicated to the gentle arts.

Saturday night fill your bellies at the Cooks Challenge Feast as they vie for your acclaim and contentment. Later some dances to settle the food.

Sunday is a day of learning as knights explain the less gentle art of heavy combat pertaining to their style. This will take the form of progressive instruction and then execution of the training by fighting for 3 bouts before moving on to repeat the process with another Knight. This is followed by a progressive tournament and prizes will be awarded by those Knights present to the fighters who impress then with their mastery of the different styles.

Held at Camp Austral cnr 4th &12th Avenues, Austral from 6pm on the 9th to 5pm on the 11th of March 2007. This is a catered event.

Cost for all days is $45 for members and $50 for non-members. Day rates Friday night $10, Saturday $30 Sunday $15 Payment to: SCA Stowe on the Wolde. Steward Sir Torg o' Hawkhurst.

The Days and Knights.
The Friday night sees the return of the trivia contest. Gather a team of not more than 8 and via for the title. Basic fare of bread & soup.

Saturday is team battles with Captains alternating in picking fighters. The rules are melee rules so fighters must be engaged properly and no slaying from behind. The battle will include Little Rock War, a gate battle, a bridge battle and the Great Treasure Hunt. Teams keep whatever treasure they can capture and the loser's team must provide the servers for the feast. Should be a very even battle.

Households and individuals are asked to donate treasures, which will be represented in the chests by written notes. The largess of each patron will be loudly proclaimed to the masses. I intend to donate a bit of history.

The Cook's Challenge feast Saturday night sees the cooks of Stowe vying for your acclaim. A bottle of wine for each cook and a bonus bottle for the winner. Make your appreciation heard. After the feast some music and dancing to settle the food.

For Knights School on Sunday this years format sees each Knight demonstrating a skill they excel in for a small group of 4 to 6. Participants should be fully armoured. After each instruction students will pair off for a best of 3. After a brief critique the participant move to the next knight. Each session should go for about 20 minutes. Groups of participants must remain intact as they progress between the knights. This will be fast to run and should be very instructive and give the knights a good idea of the person's ability.

During both Saturday and Sunday there will be various collegia covering many Arts and Sciences. The collegia of Stowe Faire are a highlight of the event and have been very well received in the past. Come and learn or perhaps you have a skill to impart. Contact the Stowe Arts and Science officer for details or offers to teach ( for Regnum details)

Merchants are encouraged to attend and display their wares. This is no addition charge for merchants above their attendance payment.

Stowe Fayre III gives you a chance to learn that little bit of extra skill or knowledge which you are sure to be able to put to good use at Festival and if you can't make it to Festival at least you'll get 2 days and nights to have a great time. Location:
Stowe on the Wolde (Austral. New South Wales)