Pillaged Village Arts and Sciences Event

Cedarwood village has been devastated by wind, burned by fire, and pillaged by raiders who have enslaved and taken away the Master Craftsmen of this once great Mecca of Art, Craft and Science. But we shall rebuild.

We have scoured the Kingdom for Master Craftsmen who will share their skills in a weekend event April 20-22. Events include but are not limited to: Sheep Shearing & Wool Processing, Blacksmithing & Casting, Woodworking, Bead-making, Soap making, and Ropes & Knots.

Come dressed for sweat, blood, grime, soot, and dirt up to your elbows (court garb not recommended) in a setting geared for the ultimate hands-on outdoor learning experience. This event has been planned to include any of those crafts that are usually limited by time restraints and/or physical location. If you would like to build something or participate as an instructor, please contact: Master Gerald Goodwine

All classes are RUSH accredited -Hands-on class credits. A&S Competition: Any tool.

Site opens at 6:00 pm on Friday, Apr 20th, and closes at 2:00 pm on Sunday, Apr 22nd. Camping space is available on site. Ground fires ARE permitted. There are motels available in Syracuse NE. Crash space is available in Lincoln as well, contact HL Natalya, (Anita Mohlman) mohlman3684@windstream.net

Site fee is FREE, however, a donation to cover incidental expenses would be greatly appreciated. Individual instructors may charge nominal fees for materials. An Inn will be available on site. Plans for a feast on Saturday evening are pending.

Directions to site: Take best route to Neb Hwy 2 to Unadilla Ne. (5.3 miles west from Syracuse) turn south on County Rd. 20. Do not follow the paved road as it turns east, instead continue on the gravel south across the railroad tracks. Go two miles on the gravel road and turn left on J road for one half mile and turn left into the driveway. Site address is Cedarwood Farm, 2089 J Road, Unadilla, NE 68434.

Questions, contact - Event Steward Master Gerald Goodwine: (Jerry Harder) cedarwoodfarm@windstream.net

Check the Mag Mor website for updates. http://anvil.unl.edu/magmor/ Location:
Barony of Mag Mor (Unadilla, Nebraska)