Radio for SCAdians

THL Wynne of Atenveldt has announced a radio/internet show of music related to SCA activities. "For those of us who can listen to the radio at work, and even better if you have the internet, Phoenix College has acquired an internet radio license and yours truly has procured an hour for music."

Wynne of Atenveldt writes:

Starting January 17, and every Wednesday during the school year, at 1-2pm we will be playing music related to our time periods and classical.

The first show featured the Whiskey Bards, the Musician's Guild of Loch Salaan, Medieval Baebes, Gypsy Flamenco and more. This is done through and all musicians are paid their royalties.

Please (I beg of you) forward this to lists out of kingdom as the internet is everywhere, and I am looking for SCA musicians who have music that they want played on the air. Unsigned musicians are welcome as long as they have a decent recording and fill out the forms.

The address is Click the link to play music. It's that easy.

Contact me at monica. banks @pcmail. maricopa. edu {remove spaces}

Please tune in and give me your feedback.

Thanks for your attention,
THL Wynne