12th Knight Auction a success!

Sir Daniel has announced the results of the 12th Knight Auction to benefit the Make a Wish Foundation which took place recently in the Kingdom of AnTir.

Sir Daniel writes:


This past weekend at the 12th Knight Auction we raised $3355.00 For the Make a Wish Foundation!

I'd like to thank all the Donors, Sponsors and Bidders who took part this year, obviously it can't happen without you all.

Additionally I'd like to thank Their former Majesties for allowing us time in the day and the autocrat team for helping with logistics.

And then, the usual suspects, my Lady C?t, Morgan, Bella and Ettienette for running the paperwork and money machine at the back end.

And my Runners (Bella's Hadgi's, Kit, Luther and my man at Arms Dan) for doing the Vanna thing and running the items to the auctioneers and up and down the aisles so people can see all the pretty stuff.

And a huge thank you to our Auctioneers! As always, Sir Brand, and this year Sir Barak Ravensfuri and Sir Edward did an excellent and entertaining job coaxing out those extra 5$ bills that add so much to the success of the auction.

At this point I see no reason we won't see the auction again next year and in years to come!

Thank you *all* again.

In Service,

Sir Daniel