Cleftlands Welcomes New Baron and Baroness

At the Court of TRM Valharic and Alys, Sir Ephraim ben Shlomo and Lady Madelaine Bouvier were invested as the second Baron and Baroness of Cleftlands.

Court began at 8:30 p.m. at Shore Center, in the modern-day city of Euclid, Ohio (near Cleveland). Their Majesties summoned several gentles into Their presence to receive Awards of Arms, Purple Frets (for service), a Willow (for A&S), and a Cavendish Knot (for fencing). Then came the main business of the evening, the investiture of the new Baron and Baroness of Cleftlands.

The ceremony itself was simple and dignified, with Their Excellencies swearing fealty with hands upon the Midrealm's sword of Royal justice. Afterward, Their Excellencies addressed the populace at Their first Baronial Court, explaining Their vision for the future of the Barony of Cleftlands. The evening concluded with dancing and revelry, and guests were treated to snacks provided by Lady Angharad verch Tangwystl.

Madelaine and Ephraim are the second Baronial couple in Cleftlands, succeeding Duke Syr Master Laurelen Darksbane, who served as the territorial Baron since 1978 when the Barony was founded.