Travels Along The Silk Road

Greetings unto the populace of Gleann Abhann, please join the gentles of Grey Niche in a celebration of the Arts & Sciences.

Travels Along The Silk Road
Candlemas - Regional A & S Collegium

February 3, 2007

Baker Community Center
7942 Church Street
Millington,Tennessee 38053

Event Pricing - event fees include feast
Members / Non-Members
Adult $9.00 / Adult $12.00
Child $5.00 / Child $8.00

** Please note that in accordance with Kingdom Law, no family shall pay a site fee higher than three adult member prices for admission to an event as long as the children involved are all less than 15 years of age and have memberships.

A & S Competition: There will be two A & S competitions - one for open competition for any works the populace wishes to display and an additional competition of works for use as Kingdom Regalia, Award Scrolls & Regalia. This is the perfect opportunity for artisans wishing to display their talents at Gulf Wars XVI to receive last minute critiques from judges and the populace.

Feast: The feast will be a cultural sampling of dishes spanning the Silk Road from the Mediterranean to Eastern Asia. Dishes include: 1st Remove - Italian Stew, Cheese Dill Bread, Panettone 2nd Remove - Mahdzoon (Yogurt) Chicken, Asparagus Cashew Rice Pilaf, Baklava 3rd remove - Chen-chu-jou-wan (Pork & Rice), Szechuan Green Bean, Chinese Almond Cookies

Classes: to include Archery Basics, Martial instruction and theory, Chainmaille, Card Weaving, Costuming, Autocrating, Roles of Consorts & Associates, Middle Eastern Dancing & Drumming, Silk Road Cultures & Treasures. Please contact the classcrat if you are interested in teaching.

Fighters: We will be conducting a demo during the morning hours. All fighters attending are welcome and are encourage to participate.

Reservations: Location: