Saturday Night Fever III

Pack your instruments and dancing shoes and come to the third dance and music weekend offered by the Shire of Meadowmarsh. This event is especially for all those who enjoy dancing and learning new dances. Often there is not enough dancing at events, so we have created a weekend only for music and dance. We have hired the best dance teachers and musicians, so don't miss your chance to dance until your feet get blisters.

The site opens at 18.00 on Friday and closes at 14.00 on Sunday. It is close to the Glauberg, one of Europe's most important prehistoric and medieval sites, which is well worth a visit before or after the event. The site is discreetly wet. Pets are not allowed.

We have crash space for a maximum of 70 people and the event is limited to 90 people. On Saturday and Sunday a breakfast will be provided; on Saturday there will be a light lunch and a buffet style feast.

Site Fees:
15 euro for adult sca members
15 euro for adult non-members
7.50 euro for children ages 8-16
no family will pay more than 35 euros

Find your best way to the A45 between Giessen and Hanau. Take the exit Altenstadt/Buedingen. Turn towards Buedingen. Follow the road for about 2,5 km to Duedelsheim. In Duedelsheim turn right at the first big crossing. Follow this road for 600 m (you go straight over a crossing) and you will see the Turnhalle Duedelsheim on the right side (on the left you should see a small fire station). Signs will also be posted.

Site Adress:
Turnhalle Duedelsheim
Schulstr. 12
63654 Buedingen- Duedelsheim

Event Stewarts
Lord Konrad von Schilberg

Graefin Aurelia von Falkenstein
Christina Bopp

email address for reservations: konrad_v._schilberg@freenetde Location:
Shire of Meadowmarsh (Duedelsheum, Germany)