New Atlantian Cooking Laurel

His Royal Highness, Prince Valharic Caligula Aurelius of Atlantia, former king of the Midrealm, was elevated to the Order of the Laurel for his skill in cookery at Twelfth Night in Atlantia, January 13, 2007.

His mother and I drove the 550 miles to the event to surprise him, and I was honored to speak for him as a Laurel. We spent the afternoon being hidden whenever he started to come near. His Highness was the head cook for the event and prepared food for some 250 people. The recipes came from a period German cookbook.

During the feast, he walked past both of us more than half-a-dozen times but never noticed. Our table mates provided a skillful choreography of "stand up and be a wall" or "place napkin over mouth and pretend to converse" so that we couldn't be seen. At the end of feast all the kitchen staff were called forth to the applause of the diners. When the applause died down, the Crown opened another court and called forth the Order of the Laurel. His mother and I stood at the front of them, and when he finally noticed her he was gobsmacked. He had never seen either of us and was totally surprised.

It was one of the few feasts I have attended where there was nothing that didn't taste good. The food and the presentation were excellent. Earlier in the day, His Highness won the A&S competition with his documentation for the Coronation feast he had cooked at an earlier event. Atlantia is the richer for their newest Laurel!