Rhiannan of Lowery, Western Herbalist and Textiles Expert, has died

Rhiannon Lowrey, Wylowen's wife and Mistress Seelie's apprentice, died Saturday afternoon, 13 January 2007, at her home in Camino, CA.

Her husband, Wylowen, said that the cause was a blood clot, possibly related to the problems she was having with her right leg (those who attended Twelfth Night will have seen her in a wheelchair). There are no details on her wake, services, or other remembrances as of yet.

Rhiannon also leaves behind her and Wylowen's daughter, Maryn, and another daughter from a previous marriage.

Described by all as a sweet and gracious lady, Rhiannon and Wyl had been doing great things to revive the shire of Mountain's Gate (Eastern El Dorado County, CA) in the past couple of years.

Tributes to Rhiannan are flowing on the West Kingdom mailing list, herbalist, and textile lists.

Her friend Aricia said of Rhiannan,

"She was one of the founders of Betony Wood (Southeast Sacramento, CA) and also along with myself, Mistress Tashi and Carol O'Fury, was one of the original members/founders of the Cynaguan Herbalist Guild.

This woman knew more about natural dyes and textiles in her little finger than most books and she was always sending me wonderful articles on this. She taught at our first Herbalist Collegium. She was the first and only Chronicler the guild ever had. She named the news letter "The Vessel with the Pestle" (a humorous take off from the Court Jester).

Funny, smart, endearing, talented and woman of strong character. All this described Rhiannon. There will be a very large void, where she used to be in the SCA, the herbalist community, the textile community, and the mundane world. She will be sorely missed."

Condolences are also offered to Mistress Seelie, who has lost two apprentices in less than a year -- Mistress Halima in April, and now Rhiannan. All of Seelie's household are in shock over this sudden bereavement.

For contact information to send condolences, etc., please contact Siobhan Medhbh O'Roarke, email pat at nithaus dot org.