Craft and art combine for Calontir armorer

SCA member Andy Ward of Avoca, Arkansas combines craft and artistry when he creates armor for his business Ward Metal. Becca Bacon Martin interviewed him for an article in the Morning News.

Ward has been involved with making armor since he discovered the SCA at a fighter practice in Fayetteville and was hooked. Now he uses both modern and old fashioned tools to craft his wares.

"I've always said I'm not an artist, I'm a craftsman," Ward asserted on a cold December afternoon. "I guess I'm coming to terms with being a reluctant artist, but making something that just goes on display never appealed to me. It has to be functional -- and if it looks good, that's candy."

Misidentification of Kingdom

Sir Andrew Ward lives and participates in the Kingdom of Calontir, in the Shire March of the Grimfells, the three counties of northwest Arkansas not part of Gleann Abhann.

Our apologies

Sorry for the confusion. I've corrected the original article. Thank you, Master Andrixos, for providing the correct information. Milica