White Shield 20th Anniversary

All are welcome to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Barony of Darkwood. We will be celebration at our annual Whiteshield tournament and Feast. This should a day of glory and splendor. The tournament will start with a Bar Room Brawl, so bring your most creative weapons. The tournament will be a standard double elimination. The List will open at 9:30, Armor Inspection should start at 10:00am with Invocation starting at 10:30 with the melee following. There will be 3 shields up for grabs, 1 as the tournament prize and two for auction.

Darkwood is planning on several themed A&S competitions. German Desserts, German Accessories- any medium, and Illuminated Scrolls in a German style( they will be used by our royal for future awards). The displays this year will include the history of the Barony through needlework on the Darkwood Tapestry. We will also be showing off the local talents of the Barony with members project both completed and works in progress. Also on display will be historical items of the Barony. If you have items and would like to display them, please bring them with a small statement of what it is and of it's important. As well photo boards of days gone by will be on display. If you have photos that you would like to share please forward them to the autocrat prior to the event. The Baroness has asked that there be story telling, during the feast, from anyone that would like to share. Any formal write ups would be greatly appreciated by our chronicler. We will once again be having our silent auction. If you have donation items please bring them to the event or contact the autocrat to arrange prior to event.

A German feast will be prepared by our talented Katherine of Skye. If you have any dietary concerns or questions, please contact Katherine asap.

Site information-
Site will open at 9am and close at 11pm. Feast will start at 5pm.
Bolado Park, Tres Pinos, Ca

Site Fees- $5.00 site fee, $10.00 feast fee (that is $15.00 total), Children under 10 are $5.00 for the feast. The site fee is the same. (That is $10.00 total for children).

Autocrat- Awrabella McHargue (Andrea Dutton-Carlquist) ladyawrabella@yahoo.com

Head Cook- Katherine of Skye(Kate Mead) purpleviking@sbcglobal.net

Site Directions-9000 Airline Hwy. Tres Pinos, CA, Traveling from the South- take your best route to Hwy 101. Follow Hwy 101 through Gilroy to Hwy 25. Take Hwy 25 to Hwy 156, turn right. Follow Hwy 156 to Union Rd, turn left onto Union Rd. Follow to Airline Hwy, turn right. Follow through Tres Pinos to the Fairgrounds. Use second entry.

Traveling for the North- take your best route to Hwy 101, exist Hwy 156- San Juan Bautista/ Hollister. Follow Hwy 156 to Union Rd, turn right. Follow to Airline Hwy, turn right and follow to fairgrounds. Use second entry.

Traveling from the West(Santa Cruz area)- take you best route to Hwy 129. Exist south onto Hwy 101 to Hwy 156 San Juan Bautista/ Hollister Exist. Follow to Union Rd, turn right to Airline Hwy, turn right and follow to fairgrounds. Use second entry.

Traveling from the East (Central Valley)- Take you best route to Hwy 5. Take the Hwy 152 West- Hollister/Monterey Exist. Follow to Hwy 156 E- Hollister exist turn left. Follow Hwy 156 to Union Rd., turn left, follow to Airline Hwy, turn right follow to fairgrounds. Use second entry. Location:
Barony of Darkwood (Tres Pinos, California)