Volunteers needed for Mongolian archaeology project

Mongolian enthusiasts may find an outlet for their interests during the summer of 2007 when the Silkroad Foundation, in conjunction with the National Museum of Mongolian History and the University of Pennsylvania, will sponsor excavations in the Altai Mountains of Khovd aimag, Mongolia.

From the press release:

The Mongol-American Khovd Archaeology Project aims to advance material investigations of the peoples and cultures of the Altai Mountains, a crucial region between the nomads of the Mongolian steppes and the Silk Roads area within present-day northwest China. Excavations in 2007 will focus on elite tomb complexes of the Xiongnu (3rd BC 2nd AD) at the site of Takhilt (in Khovd province) to analyze the relationship between local and intrusive groups as well as the degree of variation between the greater material culture throughout Mongolia attributed to the Xiongnu and sites of the western periphery in the Altai Mountains. The project offers a variety of excavation activities with focuses on the analysis of human remains and processes of in-field conservation. In addition, a series of lectures will be provided on-site and a tour of monuments at the end of the expedition (from the Altai back to the capital city) will allow participants to see a large collection of sites within varied geographic zones and relating to different periods of Mongolian history and culture, from the Paleolithic to the Mongol Hordes.