Passing of Count Sir Caradoc

Linda-Muirreal von Katzenbrasse announced the death of Count Sir Cardoc ap Cador of the West Kingdom on January 1, 2007.

My Lords and Ladies, Gentles all -

It is with great sorrow that I bring the sad news that Count Sir Caradoc ap Cador, KSCA, MGC, passed away on January 1, AS XLI, being the year 2007 of the common era, from respiratory and heart failure brought about by an opportunistic infection, in Guerneville, California. He had been in poor health for some time.

For those not familiar with Sir Caradoc's seminal place in creating significant portions of the SCA as we practice it today, here is a brief summary. A somewhat more fleshed-out version can be found on the West Kingdom History site.

Caradoc ap Cador and Amie of Exeter were crowned at 12th Night, AS III, succeeding Henrik and Leanne. King Caradoc created Grants of Arms, Awards of Arms and Court Barons, and proceeded to present the first of these awards at his first court. He established that in the Order of Precedence, Grants of Arms were to follow the Ladies of the Rose, followed in turn by Awards of Arms. He also established that Court Barons would not accrue any precedence for the rank, which was in addition to any other rank, and was not an armigerous award.

King Caradoc also established the current system utilized in the West Kingdom of three crown tourneys and three coronations, with a crown tourney at the spring equinox, the coronation at Mayday, the next crown at midsummer, the coronation in August, the next crown tourney at the fall equinox, and the coronation at Twelfth Night.

Hail to Sir Caradoc - Count and Knight! May he rest well in the Summerlands.


Linda-Muirreal von Katzenbrasse


This seems to be in Error.

I have spoken with people that know and saw Cariadoc this year at Pennsic. I believe that you may have made the error due to his mundane father (the nobel prize winning economists) died around the time you stated in the post.


Lord (Hera) Volrad Tammen