Literary cookbook

On its website, the University of Chicago Press reviews Aguecheek’s Beef, Belch’s Hiccup, and Other Gastronomic Interjections: literature, culture, and food among the early moderns by Robert Appelbaum.

The review includes a large excerpt from the work including modern translation of the original text. From the website:

The Cookbook as Literature

“incipit libellus de arte coquinaria,” the manuscript starts off: “Here begins the little book on the art of cookery.” Its first entry, with a heading in Latin and a recipe in Old Danish, reads as follows:

Quomodo fiet oleum de nucibus.
Man skal takae en dysk mæthe nutæ kyænæ, oc en æggy skalæ full mæth salt, oc latæ them samæn i en heet mortel oc stampæ thæt wæl, oc writhæ gømæn et klæthæ; tha warthær thæt oly.

The modern editor renders it in English thus:
How to make walnut oil.
One should take a dish of walnut kernels and an eggshell full of salt, and place them together in a heated mortar; pound them well and wring through a cloth. Then it becomes oil.