Festival of the Rose

Come one, come all, and play your part in the celebration of Caid’s 58th Queen! The Barony of Dun Or is privileged to host the Festival of the Rose in honor of Queen Fa’izah.

Our theme of the day is All the World’s a Stage – and our focus will be on performance art. (Though not to the exclusion of other art forms!) While there will not be a tournament, demonstrations of period martial arts are welcome. Performers, please contact the event steward as soon as possible to be added to the stage schedule.

For those who wish to create new works of art for Festival of the Rose, note that Her Majesty’s current interest is post-Mongolian-conquest Persia, with a focus on the Safavids. For a brief introduction to the prominent art forms of this region and period, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safavids#Culture.

Complete details for Festival of the Rose will be posted to the kingdom website as soon as they are available, and will appear in January’s Crown Prints.

Event Steward: THL Ciar inghean uí Mhaoildeirg (Sandra Knoy). ciar1540@sbcglobal.net Location:
Barony of Dun Or (Antelope Valley, California)