Chivalry in the modern world

The website Chivalry Today offers discussions of the necessity of a Code of Chivalry in a 21st century world. The site includes online discussions and podcasts on a number of topics such as "Influential People," "Women and Chivalry" and "Today's Heroes."

From the website:

Not long ago, chivalry was a concept that was largely ignored. It was something that was known to literary scholars and history professors, but it didn’t seem to have any place in the world of business, politics, relationships or personal conduct in the modern world. Women had been taught that displays of chivalry were demeaning and condescending, and men had come to believe that courtesy and respectful attitudes weren’t "manly."

Recently, however, those ideas have begun to change. Current events and front-page headlines have made us all aware of the importance of ethical conduct and personal integrity. In the wake of terrorist attacks, corporate scandals and betrayals of public trust, people are recognizing that duty, heroism, honesty and self-respect are more valuable today than ever before.

People are realizing that the 21st century needs a Code of Chivalry.