Pirates of the Mediterranean

Come along on a voyage of adventure and reward, with the Barony of Seleone, as we cruise the blue waters from the coast of Brittany to the Isle of Cyprus. Bring your rapier gear to defend your crew in the town battles. Heavy fighters, ever wanted to pillage a village? Or defend one? How about defending your ship in a mock naval battle? Test your skill on the live weapons range or relax and enjoy our many classes from Pirates 101 to Shipboard Cuisine. Young scalawags (youth fighters) will also have their chance to fight for their share of the bounty. Enjoy a wonderful feast with courses from every port of call. Afterwards, the Barony invites you to join us for dancing and revelry.

Breaking News! We are pleased and honoured to announce that, at this event, will be the Investiture of Morgan of Osprey as our new Baron. Please plan to attend to say farewell to Baron and Baroness Thaddeus and Daphne and to welcome Baron Morgan.

Location: WoW camp - Hattiesburg, MS

Summary of Activities:
Fighting (Heavy and Rapier), Youth Combat, Archery/Live Weapons, Classes, Feasting, Treasure Hunt, Children's Activities, and Revel

Pirates 101 (A history of pirates in our period by Jehanne Darc de la Coste), Shipboard Cuisine (by Ldy. Lyneyea de Aston) , Vinegar Making (Maria Elena Kalder), Corsets "On the quick" (How to make corsets easily and quickly by Mistress Isolde de Grau), and a European Dance Class (by Lrd. Odhran Fion)

Rapier Activities:
Boarding Party Melee, Tavern Brawl, and Ship to Ship Battle

Heavy Fighter Activities:
Ship to Ship Battle, Pillage the Village, Pickups

Archery and Thrown Weapons:
There will be a contest for Archery and one for Thrown Weapons. Prizes and Scrolls will be awarded.

Youth Combat:
All youth combatants will receive an award for participation and the winners will receive a prize and a scroll.

The feast will be a delicious sampling of dishes from a variety of ports as our pirate voyage sails from the coast of Brittany, to the coast of Spain near the mouth of the Mediterranean, to the northern coast of Africa, and on to the Isle of Cyprus. This promises to be mouthwatering treat - not to be missed! Watch for the full menu to be posted soon.

The revel after feast will feature both European and Middle Eastern music and dancing. There will be a table full of a variety of desserts and 'pirate punch' (non-alcoholic). Bring your drums and dance wear!

The site is discreetly dry, so please remove your empties.

Site will open on Friday at 5:00 PM and will close Sunday at 11:00 AM.

Directions: Take your best route to I-59, Northeast of Hattiesburg, MS. Take exit 73 (Monroe Road). Turn East and travel 2.3 miles. Site is on the right, directly after the bridge.

Lrd. Aleyn Kynyd ap Rhys
Mka: Chris LoPresto

Br. Karl Zeller
Mka: Anthony Lok

Ldy. Bailey Rose
Mka: Lilly Marsh

Ldy. Lyneyea de Aston
Mka: Kathy Flowers

Ellyn Heath of Hemingford Grey
Mka: C.J. LoPresto
eleyn@cableone.net Location:
Barony of Seleone (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)