Bardic Madness XVII: Food & Foolishness!

Mark your calendars now for the very first 48-hour sleepover Bardic Madness! Come all ye bards and bardic fans for an event full of noncompetitive challenges, classes, and bardic fun! Bardic Madness celebrates the bardic arts: poetry, song, story, and more. Watch the event website for a list of challenges and classes.

Location: Camp Webb, N1875 21st Ave, Wautoma WI

Challenges will take place Saturday, but additional activities may take place at other times: 2 bardic circles, perhaps fighting on Friday or Sunday. Sorry, but no merchanting will take place. A lip-smacking feast will be provided by the Barony of Windhaven. Other meals will be available for purchase on site. There are no planned activities for children, and presence space might be limited.

The site has some heated cabins, unheated cabin shells (4 cots in each), plenty of tent camping areas, and will have 2 "slumber-party" style (not private) unheated halls for general crash space. The unheated cabin shells and general crash space will be by reservation only, and the only reservation is a paid reservation. The heated cabins will be first come-first serve at time of event. We will announce continued availability for reserved spaces on the website. Also, the website will have a list of available off-site lodging. Site opens at 2pm on Friday, and closes at 2pm on Sunday. Site is wet. Site is semi-handicapped accessible, with unpaved but well-packed sand roads (no mud). Feast will seat 125, and there will be off-board seating for non-feasters. Site has showers.

Site fees: $10 for members, $13 for non-members, children 6-16 $5, under 6 are free. Family rate: $30 for members, $40 for non-members. Fee includes lodging in it's various forms onsite, subject to availability. Early pre-registering is strongly encouraged if you don't wish to tent camp or stay off-site.

Spaces will go quickly for cabin shells and common crash space. Feast fee: $10 per person. Pre-registering is strongly encouraged for feast.

Please download the pre-registration form from the website link found on the Kingdom Calendar or on the Caer Anterth Mawr website, _

For information about site, lodging and logistics:
Event Steward: Lady Deonysia of Rye (Deanne Walter)

Co-event Steward: Lady Gwynedd merch Megan o Fon (Mary Bellis Waller) mwaller@execpc.com_

For information about classes, challenges, patronage and other curriculum issues:
Provost: THL Eliane Halevy (Jennifer Friedman)

For information about Saturday night feast:
Feast Steward: Baroness Madeleine Bynortheweye (Penny Van Rens) Location:
Barony Caer Anterth Mawr (Wautoma Wisconsin)