Historic recipes on History.uk.com

The website History.uk.com offers "old time food for the modern kitchen" with a site dedicated to providing recipes for authentic tasting food and drink. Most recipes are from the Middle Ages or Renaissance with a few Roman titles thrown in for good measure.

From the website:

"As food historians, professionally trained cooks and enthusiastic "foodies", we wanted to eat the same sort of stuff our ancestors cooked. We have prepared food according to original recipes and methods and then made minor adjustments to quantities and cooking times until we finally arrived at what we believe is an accurate representation of the flavours and textures of medieval cooking.

We set out to develop modern recipes that, as near as possible in a twenty first century kitchen, replicate the way food would have been prepared and served in late medieval times. These "modern" recipes are what you will find on these web pages supported, where possible, by an original text."