Ma'ale Giborim celebrates "8th Night"

Lord Yehoshua ben Hayyim haLevi, founding seneschal of the Shire of Ma'ale Giborim in Israel, reports that the shire just held an event to honor Shushan Channuka, or 8th Night.

Lord Yehoshua writes

My lords and ladies, I am happy to report to you that our Shire 8th night (or Shushan Channuka) event went very well. We held the event after Shabbat last night at the home of Lord Alter fun Reiss and Lady Naomi bas Yehezkel. Attendance was good we had about 20 people present, including Mistress Sheara Bat Shlomo of the Barony March of the Debatable Lands in the Sylvan kingdom Of AEthelmearc. She has been an honorary member of our shire for some time and this was her first visit to our fair lands. In addition fomer a former member who has now returned to England made an appearance as she was visiting.

The feast was on a Greek theme in honor of Channuka, and for a first time in our shire was a dairy based. We featured various forms of Latkes, some very nice cheese and olives and the like. As well as various side dishes and a very nice Saint Peter's Fish. Dinner was prepared by my Lady Wife (Giavonoa Lupperelli)

Lady Sheara presented a greating for the King and Queen of AEthelmarc.

In addition our new Seneschal Lady Naomi recognized the service of myself as outgoing seneschal and her Parents Charles and Anne of Lorraine for their hospitality with gifts of Byzantine oil lamps.

Our next event will be on Purim and as always you are all welcome.

In Service
Lord Yehoshua ben Hayyim haLevi
Former Seneschal shire of Ma'ale Giborim